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These are public and private FAQs. To read private FAQs, you must be a paid member. Click Here to learn about all the membership benefits. If you are ready to become a member, join now.

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If you paid for your GFWC membership dues by cash or check, once your membership account is set-up you need to create a password to log into the member website. (If you have paid by credit card you do not need to do anything.)

To create a password, do the following:
A. Click this link, Reset Password
B. Enter your email address and follow the instructions.

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To join as a member of GFWC, click here for all details.

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You can search the web site two different ways:
A. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Useful Links and click on GFWC Search Page
B. Go to GFWC Search Page

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You can access your profile page by doing the following:
a. Log into your membership account.
b. Once logged in you will be in your account and be able to edit your profile.
c. Once you are logged in you can to profile page at anytime by scrolling to the bottom of the page, going to USEFUL LINKS and clicking on Member Profile to change address, email address, and password.

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Click on Member Login at top of page or on the 3 lines at top right (on mobile device), and enter Username and Password. Or scroll down to the bottom of the page to USEFUL LINKS and click on member login.

If you do not know your password or forgot your password, you can create a new password by clicking here.

If you forgot your member username, or have other questions contact us via our contact form. Do not contact via the phone number, it is not a support phone number.

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This is a step-by-step guide how to post a Fishing Report.
A. Go to
B. If Smartphone click on the the 3 bars on the top right. Click on ‘Login’. (If computer click on Login at the top.)
C. Enter your Username or Email
D. Enter your password.
E. Click LOG IN
F. Click on the + sign at the top left, or ‘ clock’ at top left, click on Dashboard, click on Topic, click on Add New.
G. Click on Topic
I. Type in information on your fishing trip
J. Enter Topic Tags, each tag followed by a comma. Tags are usually species of fish. (A member can click on a tag like walleye and see all fishing reports about walleyes.)
K. Click Add to save your tags
L. Answer the Fishing Report questions, you choose which ones you answer.
M. If you want to upload an image, click Choose File, Choose Photo Library to select an image from your phone.
N. Enter a specific address where you were fishing OR
O. Touch your screen where you were fishing. You can move the red dot wherever you want it to be.
P. Scroll up and click on Publish

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If your paid membership is going to end on Jan 1, 2024 it is simple to renew it. But you want to renew it before Jan 1, 2024 or you will have to create a new member account before you can renew it. Here are the steps to renew your membership:

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To Subscribe or Unsubscribe from receiving email notifications of new fishing reports, do the following:
A. Log into your paid membership account.
B. Go to the Fishing Report Page:
C. You will see an image just above the forum. Click on the image to subscribe or unsubscribe. Thats it.

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If you do not know your password or forgot your password, you can create a new password by clicking here.

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The following is helpful information and links on the variety of Greers Ferry Walleye Club membership benefits.

Be sure and check out our GFWC Blog. We regularly update the blog with fishing related information, some of which is only accessible by paid members.

The GFWC is working on getting fishing related businesses to provide member’s discounts. Currently Greers Ferry Bait & Tackle is offering a 10% discount to GFWC Club Members. To obtain the discount, log into your GFWC member account and show the clerk your profile that will prove you are a paid GFWC member.

Make sure you check out all the FAQs on the GFWC web site. There are FAQs on how to log into the GFWC membership site, how to use the various features of the member site, and member only fishing tips.

Fishing Reports
All fishing reports are accessible only to paid members. We do not have many currently with the slow fishing, but in a couple we will start having many more reports with valuable information.

Go Fish Program/Learn Your Electronics
If you are a paid member you can sign up (at monthly meetings) to go out with one of our members on their boat, or your boat, to learn some fishing techniques on Greers Ferry Lake. You might even get one of the members to help you learn how to use your electronics.

Logging In
If you have any questions in how to log into the member website, click here.

Be sure and check out our member only maps on our website.

Monthly Meetings
Monthly meetings cost $5 per person per meeting, but as a paid member there is no fee for you and anyone in your household. If you have ever attended a monthly meeting you know how valuable it is to attend. If you have not made it to a meeting, it is the third Monday of each month, 6:30pm, at Lions Club in Fairfield Bay.

If you have any problems or questions with your membership account, go to our contact page and fill out the contact form and tech support will help you. (Do not call the listed phone number, it is not a support phone number.)

Videos & Notes
There are monthly meeting videos and notes available to members only. Be sure and check them out. We have many more videos available in 2024, such as videos of fishing for Walleyes and other fish species on Greers Ferry Lake.

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We have monthly meeting minutes available to paid members. The value of these minutes is because we have several minutes that have very detailed information from the meetings. If anyone has ever been at one of our meetings, they understand that our guest speakers share very helpful information and it is hard to grasp it all at a meeting. Many times members say “I wish I had take notes.” Well, we provide you with the ‘notes’. To access monthly meeting ‘notes’, click here. We also have videos of some of the meetings for paid members.

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Go to the following to access all the GFWC Benefits:

Click here for Fishing Reports.

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