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Greers Ferry Walleye Club Details

greers-ferry-walleye-fishing-clubThe Greers Ferry Walleye Club (GFWC) is a Fishing Club designed to educate and share information with its members and partner with State and Federal officials specifically within Greers Ferry Lake. Club members participate in seminars taught by resident Walleye fishing experts and participate in hands on training; learning the methods to become successful Walleye fisherman. GFWC focuses on Walleye fishing and provides a venue where Anglers can come and learn how to fish Walleye within Greers Ferry Lake.

Back in the 1980’s many 20-pound plus Walleyes were caught within Greers Ferry lake. In 1982, the World Record Walleye 12-pound line class was caught in Greers Ferry. Moreover, more 20-pound plus Walleye have been caught in Greers Ferry than any other lake in the USA. Most importantly, over the years since the 1980’s, Walleye fishing within Greers Ferry has slowly declined. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) biologists believe the decline is the result of changes – some natural and others man made that occurred within the lake.

local-fishing-club-partneringWork Together with Various Agencies
Because of the decline in numbers of Walleye within Greers Ferry Lake, the GFWC is partnering with the AGFC biologists to improve Walleye fishing within the lake. Fishing for Walleye within Greers Ferry Lake is not an easy process. A local former Walleye fishing professional who spent years on the Professional Walleye Fishing Tour stated, “Fishing for Walleye is more like hunting than simply fishing.” Greers Ferry is one of the most beautiful lakes in the USA; however, fishing for Walleye within Greers Ferry is a process requiring specific skills, knowledge, and tools. First, Greers Ferry is a deep and clear reservoir; walleyes with their sensitive eyes go deep and avoid light making them difficult to catch. Second, water levels within Greers Ferry fluctuate regularly making targeting Walleye difficult.

local-fishing-partner-not-competitorPartnering, not Competing
Knowing what type of tackle to use, using fishing strategies learned within seminars, going out and fishing with skilled Walleye anglers, and using club-learned skills will improve the average Walleye anglers ability to catch Walleye. GFWC is not a competitive tournament type Club; no fishing contests are scheduled or planned. The centerpiece or key function of the GFWC is to share information with GFWC membership. A major key to accomplish this is a website which provides a medium for members to place a picture of their Walleye catch, the location, depth, method used to catch, GPS coordinates, and other relative information. This data is provided to each member who receives a copy of the information via email. GFWC members are encouraged to provide the information of their catch but is not mandatory to do so.


All Welcomed: Novice and Expert
Our club is made up of novice fishermen who have never fished for Walleyes or even other fish, and others who were Professional Walleye Tournament fishermen. So, if you are a novice do not feel intimated. others in the club are here to help you become a successful fisherman. As a member you can even go out on the boat of one of the ‘experts’, so again do not come to the club feeing intimadated.

local-fishing-club-multi-speciesMulti-Species Fishing Club
It should be noted that the Greers Ferry Walleye Club is a multi-species fishing club with an emphasis on Walleye fishing. What this means is that if you are not a Walleye fisherman GFWC will still be beneficial to you. We have seminars on other species than Walleyes, and the more the GFWC partners with Federal and State agencies the better it is for all Greers Ferry Lake fishermen. (There is power in numbers, the more club members we have the more we have a voice when partnering with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commision and other agencies.)

Greers Ferry Club Membership

For only $20 a year, GFWC members have when released, access to Walleye information – which includes Greers Ferry contour maps, fish habitat maps, monthly dissolved oxygen-temperature reports, teaching videos, and other tools designed to make the Greers Ferry Walleye Club member a better Walleye angler. (Take note all this information can be very helpful to ALL FISHERMEN.

Greers Ferry Walleye Club
Monthly Meetings-3rd Monday of each month, 6:30pm
Fairfield Bay Conference Center
110 Lost Creek Parkway, Fairfield Bay, AR 72088

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