The Greers Ferry Walleye Club (GFWC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to it’s Core Values: Educating local anglers, Sharing information with GFWC members, and Partnering with Federal, State, and Local authorities. GFWC offers a variety of resources and programs to help its members catch more walleye and other fish species, including:

  • Monthly Meetings: The GFWC holds monthly meetings where members can learn about walleye and other species fishing techniques, share fishing stories, and meet other anglers. The meetings typically feature 1-2 guest speakers who share their expertise on fishing on Greers Ferry Lake, share information on how to use electronics, or other information.
  • Walleye Fishing Workshops: The GFWC offers a variety of fishing workshops throughout the year. These workshops cover topics such as bait selection, lure presentation, and fishing techniques.
  • Fishing Reports: The TLWC publishes fishing reports on its website. These reports provide information on the current walleye fishing conditions, including water temperature, water clarity, and the best baits and techniques to use.
  • Walleye Fishing Maps: The GFWC publishes walleye fishing maps that show the best areas to catch walleye on Greers Ferry Lake and maps with the location of AGFC structures/attractors.
  • Go Out on a Boat: The GFWC has members who will take you out on their boat to teach you how to fish for walleyes. Or they will go out with you on your boat to help you learn your electronics.
  • Social Media: The GFWC has a Facebook Group where paid and non-paid members can share information.

The GFWC is a great resource for anglers who want to learn more about walleye fishing on Greers Ferry Lake. The club’s resources and programs can help anglers improve their fishing skills and catch more walleye.

In addition to the resources and programs mentioned above, the GFWC also offers a variety of other benefits to its members, including:

  • Fishing Tackle Giveaways and tackle discounts: The GFWC club offers door prizes (must purchase a ticket) at each of its monthly meetings and partners with vendors who offer tackle discounts.
  • A sense of community: The GFWC is a great way to meet other anglers and make new friends. The club’s monthly meetings and other events provide a great opportunity for members to socialize and share their love of fishing.

PS-If you are new to Greers Ferry Lake area, new to fishing, do not feel intimidated. There are others just like you in the Club. The resources GFWC offers are helpful to expert fishermen AND novices.

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